learning to swim

My eyes are now wide open, and I see my world half torn;
Scattered with dark clouds, quickly followed by a storm;
No hints, no signs, no pity, none to bless me with a warning;
Leaving me in pieces, on this…is it night or morning?

In a flood with no ark, can I survive this judgement?
The lord gave me no warning for this severe punishment;
Where is this saint called Noah? Won’t you please give me a seat?
Let me rely on your kindness, oh please! I’ll kiss your feet!

Noah, with his animals, packed tightly, pair in pair;
Says “Oh No, Dear Young Fellow! No, it won’t be fair;
To each and every single sinner, being swallowed by the sea!
Surely, you must suffer too; 
You’re single and a sinner, is that not clear for you to see?”

Suffer? Suffer? Suffer? That word’s been swimming in my mind!
But in your denial to my boarding, you’ve taught me just in time;
Reliance is a weakness, I’ll rely on me to win;
You can leave, Sail along! I’ll be my own captain;

Learn a shipwright’s trade, acquire knowledge of the sail;
Or better yet, to swim. Either way, I will prevail;
Nothing is ever too big, even this flood is but a drizzle;
That tickles my every lane;
Where I finish the last lap, followed by the whistle;

No, I do not swim, and I rarely practice the sermon;
Nor will I keep my head down, from losing a sexy German;
Because I do envision sunshine after each and every storm;
Never is something too big for my swag to deform.  

theres so much ugly in my life that i didnt even realize it. time to work on character;
my values, morals, habits, ideals, realities. myself.